How much money does YouTube pay for 1 thousand views?


Making money on YouTube is not so easy but if you really active for your channel and self motivated and after some time when you cover YouTube policies then YouTube pay for your video

And I think you know that YouTube pay for ads which is seen on your YouTube and

And money depends upon different countries CPC but in india it's is approximately per thousand view you earn at least one dollar $1

And much more by other platforms but this income is only by Adsense which is linked with your YouTube channel

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Can anyone have relationship with a married man?

I had relationship with a married man for 2 years.Well,he was my boyfriend, we were in love head over heels for 3 years and then finally one day I get news of he getting married to someone of his parents

What is the average height for a 16 years old girl?

16 year old girls can range anywhere from 5ft for 5ft 9 inch on average. Any taller or smaller is unusual but not concerning. If you're hitting the high 6fts or are under 4ft 5 inch you may want to talk to someone about it.If this is a body conscious

Did you feel unwelcome in your own home when your parent remarried after divorce? How has that influenced your own parenting style or in-home dynamic today?

When I was a kid and my parents remarried... when I was around the kids from the previous marriages (my step-brothers)... you got the feeling that you were the same - but not equal. Years later we're cool with each other... but that was the feeling as a kid.As a parent - I'm not in that situation,