How much money does a YouTube channel make per 1 million views?

Rumour has it that it's about 1 dollar per 1,000 views, so with 1 million views, you'd make around 1,000 dollars.

The actual number however consist of many many factors.

First, depending on the niche your videos fit in, different fitting ads will be displayed on your videos. If you make videos about insurance, there will probably be an insurance ad in front of your video.

If you are a toy review channel, there will probably be toy ads in front of your video.

The insurance ads will get you a lot more money, since insurance companies usually have a lot more money to spend on advertisements and will get a lot more in return if a user actually responds to the ad.

Another factor is user engagement. There are two types of ads. CPM (Cost per million, meaning thousand) and CPC (Cost per click).

CPM ads are the video ads playing before your video starts. In order for you to get paid, a viewer has to watch at least half of the ad or 30 seconds (whichever comes first).

It's different with CPC ads. As the name suggests, user have to click on them for you to get paid.

Now, taking this to the extreme; if you 1,000,000 views on your video, but not a single user has watched the pre-roll ad or clicked a banner ad, you'll get nothing.

So there's no definitive answer to this question, but a guideline of $1/1000 views is quite fitting.

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