How much money does the Indian government have?

1876.80 billion USD

Of this most will be in peoples Bank and pockets and little in Hundi's of Temple, Mosque and Churches.

Little will be also in Kitchen of our mothers hidden in Sugar container!
Let alone the black money, the white money too can't be calculated accurately.
Firstly the funds are distributed between the Center and the State, then comes the question of money which India has taken as loan from IMF and other agencies, then the Grants which India gives to other countries and many more such issues make it too much of a hassle to calculate the total money which the Indian Govt. has.

Try filing a RTI and maybe they will reply with the correct figure.


While direct tax mop up during the April-March period grew 14.2 per cent at Rs 8.47 lakh crore, indirect tax kitty swelled by 22 per cent over last year to Rs 8.63 lakh crore.

Net direct tax collections at Rs 8.47 lakh crore shows 100 per cent achievement for RE of 2016-17.

Indirect tax collection till March 2017 is 101.35 per cent of the RE for 2016-17 fiscal. The RE was pegged at Rs 8.5 lakh crore.

In terms of gross revenue collections, the growth rate in corporate tax was 13.1 per cent while that of personal income tax was 18.4 per cent.


India's total foreign exchange (Forex) reserves stand at US$426.0824 billion with foreign exchange assets (FCA) component at US$400.9782 billion, gold reserves at US$21.4842 billion, SDRs (Special Drawing Rights with the IMF) of US$1.5406 billion and US$2.0794 billion reserve position in IMF

This link is quite informative -
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