How much money does the average Youtuber make?

How much money does a YouTuber make and how?

Some YouTubers make millions - but the VAST majority make absolutely NOTHING.

Most do not have their videos monetised (except by the people whose copyright material they're being allowed to use).

The way most who do make money, make money, is by advertising revenue on their videos, 55% to them 45% to Google. Although that 55% often has to be shared with some outsider who has some of their copyrighted material used.

I can only hazard an educated guess - but LESS than 10% of YouTube channels are monetised and less than 1% of their owners will ever earn more than they could earn shoveling fries at McDonald's.

Furthermore MOST who do monetise their videos will ever reach the minimum amount for any payment to be made.

Here's a piece of reality (from observation) there are probably several hundred times better really good videos that never get up to 100 views, than lesser ones that would have gone viral less than ten years ago.

I like YouTube - but even if younger would never even consider it as a potential career. The streets of YouTubeLand are NOT paved with gold.

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