How much of a fight could Galactus put up against The Living Tribunal?

The answer is ; not much! Though Galactus is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe ( and a personal favourite), but he is not on the same power level as the Living Tribunal.
The Living Tribunal is the judge of cosmic matters that are usually brought before him by the other cosmic entities. His Job is to keep the cosmic balance throughout the Marvel Universe. There is only one Living Tribunal who gets his power and authority on High (presumably by the One Above All; the god of the Marvel Universe, believed to be the writers etc.) All three of his heads must agree to make a ruling.There are many other characters in the Marvel Universe that are less powerful than the Living Tribunal but more powerful than Galactus. Abraxas, Oblivion, Eternity, Alien Entity, Mad Jim Jaspers, Molecule Man, Absolutes, Infinites, Fulcrum and some of the more powerful Celestials and so on. Without some plot device invented specifically by the writers to make Galactus powerful enough he will stand no chance against the Living Tribunal.
The only characters that have shown to have power enough to defeat the Living Tribunal is The Pre-Retcon Beyonder,

Well,recently Galactus had an upgrade to become the new "lifebringer Galactus",he's far more powerful than ever before,with unlimited power.This is the power level he was always supposed to have been at when he was first created,but his transformation process got interrupted.When the beyonders destroyed all the cosmic beings,and thus the cosmic balance,it destroyed reality in the process.

The molecule man supposedly destroyed all the beyonders and took all of their powers,and he and franklin(Reed Richard son),recreated the multiverse.

With the multiverse recreation,the cosmic beings slowly reformed .Everything eventually started to get back in place.Death,Choas n Order,Oblivion etc all remembered their places and acted accordingly.

However,two things were off....Eternity was in chains,not really that big of a deal because reality would go on unless something catastrophic happened and eternity was destroyed.He was, up until now,just in chains.

Galactus however,having been changed into the lifebringer,loved his new position,and refused to change back into the "world eater".He no longer would be responsible for "keeping the cosmic balance".

But,since Galactus refused to resume his old role as the cosmic balancer,Choas was increasing in power and thus Order was losing power.reality would soon collapse under the weigh of being "unbalanced".

(Spoiler alert!!!!!)

In Ultimates #6,Choas n Order attacked Galactus and tried to force him back into the world eater,they got their asses kicked and actually ran from Galactus.

Ultimate2 #2/3,Choas n Order called Galactus before the supreme judge,the Living Tribunal,since they couldn't force Galactus back into his old self,if Tribunal had agreed with them,HE could.

But,Tribunal agreed with Galactus,and informed all present that there were "new rules" to the cosmic balance now because everything was starting over.

Having heard that,Choas n Order DESTROYED THE TRIBUNAL!!!!They then attacked Galactus again,with not much effect.They concluded that Galactus and themselves were all at the same power level now,and neither one could destroy the other.They then left,and reformed(with their creation the powerful in-betweener)into Locos,and took Tribunals place as the supreme being.

It's too early to know yet but,the question was could could Galactus put up much of a fight against the Tribunal.Heres the rub.....if Choas n Order could destroy Tribunal,but get beat down by Galactus,doesn't that SEEM like he "might" have a chance?

We'll just have to keep reading I guess.Me personally,I think it's STUPID to have Choas n Order kill Tribunal,he was "supposed" to be the top dog!!!But everything is reset so,....

The Living Tribunal.

He has complete power over the Marvel Multiverse. You know, Thanos once gained control of the Infinty Gauntlet and to please his love, the Death, destroyed half of the universe with just a snap of fingers. With all that power though, he couldn't even scratch the Living Tribunal. He is just immune to the wishes of the wielder of the Infinity Gauntlet.  Now imagine, how strong he really must be!

Now, Galactus did survive the end of his universe and came to being in the Marvel universe. And so did the Infinity Gems. So they are almost at the same power level, so he might be affected by the Gems. Now comparing their powers with the Gems as a scale, its clear who would win. Galactus is hilariously outmatched. The Eater of the Worlds just doesn't stand a chance against the Caretaker of the Multiverses.

I don't know much about the Living Tribunal, but I know Galactus has been defeated by a number of lesser beings including Doctor Doom. So I'd say it's safe to assume that the Living Tribunal could take him.

Just from a quick Wikipedia search I can see:

  1. Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet ranked the Tribunal's power as the highest in Marvel's regular multiversal hierarchy.
  2. The Living Tribunal was the embodiment of the Marvel Multiverse.

Meanwhile, Galactus is just a powerful cosmic being. Another Wikipedia search reveals: "Thanos wielding the Infinity Gauntlet ranked him on roughly the same scale of power as the Celestials, the Stranger, Odin, and Zeus, but below that of Mistress Love, Lord Chaos, and Master Order."

So at least Thanos assumes The Living Tribunal would beat Galactus. "How much of a fight" Galactus could put up is probably a moot point, considering the bizarre and alien powers at work. I doubt a human could quantify such things.

Thanos with the IG defeated Galactus and a host of other Celestial level beings at the same time.  He solo'd them and put them into a statis field.  Hell, even Nebula did it when she had the IG.  The Living Tribunal judged against Adam Warlock and found him unworthy to keep the IG and removed the ability of the gems to work in conjunction with each other.  That's right, LT solo'd the IG.

LT solo'd the IG.  The IG solo'd Galactus and his crew (With both Thanos and Nebula as the wielder).  LT over Galactus 100% of the time. 

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