How much of your time or finances do you spend doing good things for others?

I once worked for the government. It was a long time ago and I was sacked for being me.

On the job interview, which lasted about three minutes (no one else auditioned), I was shown an office packed floor-to-ceiling with unattended registration submissions. Basically, a drug was applied to be registered in the state under veterinary approval.

After being questioned about whether I knew what the job involved (I said no), I was hired for an initial twelve months.

My job description involved working 9 - 5, shuffling papers, reading drug submissions and approving registrations. It was a strictly rubber stamping exercise.

I started my first day at 7am and knocked off at 6pm. I was single at the time, so I decided to work Saturdays as well.

After three months, all the backlog of registrations were cleared. In that time, the only person I got to know was the tea lady.

The head of the department called me in. He said that he had about a dozen people complaining to him about my unprofessional attitude. It seemed I had, in executing my tasks, shifted a shit-pile of backlogs onto another department section that had to rubber stamp my rubber stamps. In essence, these poor people were now being overworked because of my 'workaholic tendencies.'

Prior to working here, I had been in large animal practise, working 80-hour weeks as a new graduate.

Yes, I had a few bad habits back then. But being sacked saved me from a life of drudgery, where you're not helping people or making someone's life a bit better for your being there.

Spending 10 or more hours a day at work is mostly fun for me. Helping people shouldn't be a chore. Getting paid to help people is only one of the incentives. Being of service to others leaves you with profound meaning about your own life. If I'd spent these last three decades in a rubber-stamp factory, I'd be dead inside.

In my profession, you work to your capacity. After that, it's time to switch off the phone or divert it.

Simple logic: I spend on good things for others

1/20 times of 24 hours.

1/20 times of my take home salary.

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