How much should an Indian spend if he imports used car? Can he import left-hand-drive cars to India?

Hey! If you are planning to import a used/new car you will have to shell out 108% extra as an import duty. Plus if you are planning to get a used car there is alot of paperwork included before getting a used car to India.

The other question about importing a left hand drive car to India would not be an issue until you don't have any problem to drive it on Indian road which I think is very difficult because of the road conditions and secondly because of the sides issues so make a wise choice before importing it to India as it could be a costly affair and getting a spare part for that car would be extremely difficult too.

Happy Motoring!

What are some tips to making mom life easier?

When you distribute tasks and let others to help you in doing all household chores then you make your life easier . Always ask your family members to Put everything in its place , like Towel , Shoes , books , bags , clothes , plates , glass etc.

Why is it so hard to learn to cook?

I can't remember if it was an old New Yorker cartoon or a joke my Mother made, but two older ladies were passing a French couple with their children. One of the women turned to the other and said

Why is Apple Pay not more available?

It seems ridiculously available to me, considering it is only a few years old now. MasterCard and Visa took decades to get the penetration they have now. A lot of handheld terminals at small merchants take it but just don't have the Apple Pay symbol displayed.