How much should an average partner at a medium size venture capital firm expect to make in a given year?

On a net basis, maybe close to zero after taxes.

At least, until many years down the road, if and when your investments make a huge amount of money.  And only if they do.

The reason is in a medium size venture firm -- assuming you are a partner in just one fund -- your capital contribution (the amount you have to "pay in") will likely exceed your "salary" from the management fees.

In my case, my "salary" is $300,000.  Which sounds like a lot, but the capital contribution per partner is about 1.5-2% of the fund, or $2-$3m on a $150m fund.  In other words, I have to pay that much into the fund as a partner.

If the fund pays the partner "salary" (from management fees) for say 8 of its years, that's less on an after-tax basis (and close to it on a pre-tax basis) than the capital contribution.

And assuming it's an early-stage fund, you probably won't get any carry, or share of the profits, for 7-10 years.  You don't get any share of the profits until the VC fund first returns 100% of the cash invested back to the investors.  If you invest pre-revenue or very early stage, this usually takes at least 6-7 years and often materially longer. 

In fact, many VCs that don't come into VC with material resources have to take out loans to pay their capital contributions.  Loans.  To be a VC.

So for me at least, for the next 8+ years, my net take home pay as a partner will likely be $0. 

Then, only if we all invest wisely collectively (not just me, because I'm only investing a share of the fund), only then, if the fund has good returns, will I make anything on a net basis.

(Now, if you're (x) a partner in several funds -- which takes years -- and (y) time goes on, and (z) you get into carry mode because you've made your investors a lot of money, the economics then all change.  But not for a long time.  And very large funds (billions) can generate so many management fees that the equation can change there too.)

What would inspire or motivate you to get fit or be more active (if you aren't already)?

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