How much sugar is too much?

There isn't a precise answer that fits everybody. The WHO has issued a guideline about added sugar, meaning sugar that doesn't naturally occur in fruits and vegetables. They suggest limiting it to a daily average of 5% of your caloric intake. For most adults that translates to about 25 grams per day. That's actually a fair amount of sugar, and it's pretty easy to limit yourself to that, especially if you eschew sweet drinks (fruit juice and soda pop) most of the time.

Note that I said daily average. Go ahead and have that milkshake or pie every now and then. Just moderate your overall sugar intake.

How much does an anaesthesiologist earn in India per month?

Around Rs 75000- 100000 p/m in corporates at start of career and maximum after 4–5 years will be around 1.5–2lacs/month.Freelancing i.e, working on call from nursing homes or hospitals you will earn according to time you devote.

What are the best seasonings for chicken soup?

The Best Seasonings for Chicken Noodle Soup:Chicken noodle soup is merely broth, noodles and chicken unless you approach it as a culinary canvas you paint with herbs and spices. Without your own aromatic influences, it lacks identity, but you don't have to search long for inspiration.

What do restaurant owners 'get' that most people don't?

Oh that is an easy one, most people have no idea how much effort is involved to be successful. I grew up in the business and my Father had a saying