How much time does it take a muscle to recover? What are some good ways to recover completely?

How long does it take muscles to recover?

I'll touch on the role of recover in fitness briefly. When you work a muscle (whether through strength or endurance) it takes some time for your body to recover and create adaptations for the imposed demands (SAID principle).

Why does every girl want a good looking guy?

Girls and boys alike are drawn to attractive people.This is just part of human nature. If you're at a bar and a man or woman approaches you and offers to buy you a drink, whether you accept or decline will be dependent

Is bench pressing a healthy workout, or is it too much strain on the body?

Yes. The only proviso being that your muscles will quickly get stronger than your joints. So correct form, no bouncing, and not overdoing it is essential.Relatively low weight and high reps builds muscle and joint strength. Heavy weights and low reps builds size. So do more low weight, high reps workouts than heavy ones.

Should I force myself to eat after a workout even if I'm not hungry?

No, yes, maybe, ugh.Not everything is a question to be answered definitively.Risk a choice, see what happens, adjust, but don't think you ever have some kind of FINAL answer to be applied to all post-workout situations.You are starting (like most people do) by asking the wrong kind of question.Sigh.How was the workout?Are you hungry?People who are