How much time should I spend looking for a good WordPress Theme before deciding on one?

Don't let yourself get option paralysis! I only give my clients 2 days to make decisions like this because the more you look and the more you see and the more options you have, the less likely you are to make a decision. You start to think about each option and why it's good or bad and then you go down a rabbit hole and you never return!

This is the process that I take and recommend to others!

  1. Set an alarm for 5 hours after you plan to start. That doesn't mean you have to search for the entire 5 hours, but that does mean you won't let yourself search for any longer than that time.
  2. Create a Google Doc list of ALL the themes that you find that you like. Wholesale dump them all there. Don't second guess at this point, just if you like it add it!
  3. When your alarm goes off, take a break. Don't look at any more themes, don't let yourself look at other sites to see if you like their themes, honestly take a little digital break if possible.
  4. After your break come back, open each theme in a new tab. Don't look at them yet, just let them load up.
  5. Once all the themes are open, go through each tab 1-by-1. Either close the tab or leave it open based on your INITIAL reaction. That's the first 3 seconds. Don't let yourself look at the theme for a long amount of time - just what's your quick, gut reaction to the theme. Do you LOVE it? Leave it open. Hate it now? Close it FAST. Need some more time to think about it? CLOSE IT - if you don't love it the second you see it, you don't need to use that theme.
  6. Now that you've hopefully closed a BUNCH of the themes, you're going to check out the actual features of the theme. What does your site NEED? E-Commerce? If the theme doesn't support it, close it! Is your site going to be blog-centric? Make sure the theme has the blog on the front page. Are you a photographer? Close any theme that isn't image heavy.
  7. If you're not down to just 1 theme at this point, you may want to reach out to 1 or 2 CLOSE people and ask their first initial reaction to the themes you have left. Don't give them qualifying information like "Well if I change this..." or "If I customize that..." just let them share with you honestly.
  8. The last theme you have open, yea - that's the one!

Hope that helps!

Let me start by saying that, in my opinion you might not actually get a perfect theme that suites you. The thing is you'll keep running into newer ones with one or two features lacking in the existing one and the circle continues till infinity.

This simply means, spend less time searching for Wordpress themes.

As crucial as getting a "perfect" theme is to making your design process faster, you can spend a whole day, months, year deciding on which to use.

Getting a theme that is closer to what your website is about will ease your design process but you must be careful not to dwell too much on it.

My advice would be when searching for Wordpress theme to use, use keywords that are related to your website's industry.

For example, if your website is about Consulting, searching on a site like, you can type the word "consulting". This is will help you streamline your choice to the possible features that you'll be needing.

Like the popular saying "human needs are insatiable". You will always get a better theme as long as you keep searching. Make up your mind on one, get started and you can install better ones later on.

All the best.

I can say it up to your preference ,need .

For example -

  1. If you are going to build WooCommerce or personal blog website then all the theme that are listed on WordPress repository would works just fine.

    But i highly recommended OceanWP ,WPastra and Generate Press and Combined with your favorite page builder like Elementor free or Pro or Beaver Builder free or pro etc...
  2. If you are going for build advanced website like building custom search result or "listing", then you need specific theme that do the right job from Themeforest .

     If you use other normal theme from WordPress repo then it is not possible to integrate Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Pods, CPT etc if you do so you need to literally code from scratch so that why you need to choose the right theme from themeforest.

    But it can achieve with Elementor pro: theme builder without the hassle of Coding. Watch the video to learn more ⬇

There is always going to be something you want to change. Doing this will make the site part of your brand identity.

If you don't want to get a web designer evolved then I'd suggest getting a visual builder like Divi by Elegant Themes.

While this will make it easier than re-coding a theme that does not fit your brand you'll miss out on the experience a web designer that will bring to your user experience and the conversion optimisation to your site. A web designer will also save you alot of time. Look for a web developer that will use a visual builder for the build and then you can manager most changes yourself. Even better if the web designer will support you after the build.

The best top themes for WordPress are Divi and Elementor. I personally use DIvi, as long as you are a member you will have access to professionally designed templates. Lately, they've been releasing two complete templates a week! They are fully customisable and come with images that you are free to use. I use it for my business and am doing well. Have a look Links - Edu Net Solutions

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