How much weight can I lose by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats per day?

It's difficult to be said precisely how much weight you are going to lose in a certain amount of time.

However, there are a few things which should be taken in consideration when answering this question:

  • What's your nutrition looks like? My recommendation here is to start the process by eating ONLY real foods. Meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits. Eliminate dairy and minimize grains to white rice which should be eaten only post workout. With the fruits, go for 2–3 medium sized fruits per day.
  • Sleep minimum 7–8 hours each night by going to sleep around 22:00 - 22:30. By doing that you will increase your growth hormone and that will help you build more lean muscle and lose more fat.
  • I am not sure how much do you weight but the most important thing here is you should be aiming for changing your body composition rather than looking constantly on your weight scale. That being said, there is a big difference between a 190 pounds non training individual and 190 pounds of lean, muscular physique. The second one will be way more fit, healthy and aesthetically, good looking body.

In terms of your suggested exercises and repetition volume which you have aimed to perform, I would give you these recommendations:

  1. Beside push ups, squats and sit ups, you will need a pull exercise. Pull ups and rows are your perfect exercises here. If you have difficult times with pulling up, then rowing is your best friend. That spoken, if you don't have a dumbbell, kettlebell or a sandbag, then get a backpack and fill it with small bags of sand or heavy books. Your exercise is two arms bent over row (check it out on you tube). In addition, you may want to include pulling exercise because if you are neglecting from your training program, then you will develop muscle imbalances which is something which you may not want to have. Your body is a complex system and you cannot only push. You need to pull, push and carry. There are multiple patterns which should be done in order to involve all different human patterns and develop a well balanced foundation.
  2. If you perform that volume of repetitions, then 3 workouts a week will be enough for you. On the blank, it looks like it will be insufficient but with that suggested volume, if you do that 4–5–6 times a week, then you will over-train and burn out your nervous system. By getting to that point, you will stop the process still in the first weeks and you will not achieve a smart, sustainable, long-term results.
  3. Perform your exercises slowly. What I mean here is that it's not a necessity to do hundreds of repetitions to hit your muscles with a quality workout. That being said, you can decrease your repetition volume to 50 of each and play with the execution tempo. For example, in the push up, when you go down to the ground, do it for 4–5 seconds. When you go up, go for 2–3 seconds. By lowering your repetition speed, you will be able to build more muscle and lose more fat in less time needed. It's the same with the rowing, squatting and abs training.
  4. Structure your workouts in a HIIT Sessions. In terms of your goal which is obviously fat and weight loss, high intensity training will bring the best for the buck results in less time required. Just group these exercises in a circuit sessions. Example: pulling movement, push ups, squat and sit up. Rotate these exercises without rest and then get 60–90 seconds rest. You can play here with the rest period by decreasing it with time, exercise repetitions by increasing them, the time exercise execution time by increasing your eccentrics and volume (performed sets) of the whole workout. So you have a lot to change and increase here even if you stick only with these 4 exercises! Cool, right?
  5. Be smart. You don't need a huge volume of workouts to lose weight. Perform whole body sessions 3 times a week and you will achieve incredible results. It works. Even me, as a professional trainer, I workout 3 times a week and I will be honest that the best results which I have achieved happened in the 3 workouts a week template.

Hope that helps!

If you have any questions related with that topic, I would love to help you.

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