How much weight can I lose in 6 months if I run everyday for 45 minutes and consume 1200 calories?

I've spent 25 years coaching women on how that is the WORST thing you could do.

You will burn through muscle tissue since you are doing a cardio only movement, AND since the calorie intake is so low, you'd possibly burn out your adrenals, have poor sleep quality, lose muscle (the only tissue that makes you look firmer and have a high metabolic rate) and age your body fast!

Eat for energy.

Lift weights and focus on getting stronger and making your body more efficient at burning calories.

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How to let my wife playing video games with me

Find games that she will like, try to start with story based ones and let her warm up with those. If she likes it and wants to play more, you can start diving in to the multiplayer ones and play together.Don't shout or swear to her if she dies all the time

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