How much weight can be lost in 60 days?

Weight in body is of three types - muscle weight, water weight, fat weight.

Muscle weight - Do not eat anything and your muscles will start to deteriorate. You can lose 30% of your weight by complete fast but it is difficult to stay without eating.

Water weight - Water is approx. 70% in your body and this weight will never fluctuate by more than a kg or two.

Fat weight - It takes lot of hardwork to reduce fat weight, comprising of diet and workout. If you stop eating, your body will first eat your muscles. The day you start eating again your body will start increasing fat in your body by storing it because your metabolism has slowed when you were fasting. You can reduce 5-7 % of your body fat depending on mostly your diet and workout.

What are other career opportunities after having work experience of 3 years as a software developer?

After a little more experience or a higher education.You can be inPresales team/ Business analysis team/Work in I.T Consulting/ Be into Client Management/Project Management/ Team Lead/Join Operations team/Marketing, Branding or product designing team.If you wish to Quit IT.You can prepare for UPSC or government jobs.Start your own Business / NGO.Aim for IES.Pursue Arts.Join

How long should it take for me to convert my body fat to muscle if I exercise every day for one hour?

I gotta burst your bubble here.There's no way to convert body fat into muscle. At least not strictly speaking.But if you don't have a lot of experience resistance training it's possible to build muscle while losing fat at the same time.It boils down to:How many calories you are eatingWhat

What can I do to be more motivated? I have so much schoolwork I'm being on but just can't seem to get up and do it. I just feel blah.

I had your exact same problem, and it dropped my GPA by over 1.5 points.Schoolwork isn't meant to be exciting. It's meant to be preparatory. On some level, you have to force yourself to do it somehow. Since each person is different, there is no