How much will the Tesla Model 3 cost in India?

Cost of the US-spec variant of Tesla MOdel 3 is USD 35,000, while the India-based model could be more costly because of GST imposed on fully developed units (CBUs). As of now, the luxury segment cars are drawing in 28% GST and a cess of 15%, accordingly making a sum of 43%. This may turn the Model 3 an exorbitant deal in the nation. On the off chance that things go well, we expect this electric sports car to be estimated around Rs 35 lakh in India.

The Tesla model 3 will make or break the all electric car company as it has been reported to in lose from a very long time.The cost of the model 3 was reported to be $35,000.

Apparently, the customs duties is expected to be in the upwards of 125% in india as per the ndtv gadgets report.

Now, the math part

$35000 = 23 lacs rupees (roughly)

125% will added up to to 23 lacs+ 23 lacs + 6 lacs = roughly it should be around 52 lacs as per the news reports.

Expected US price $35,000.
As it will reach India through CBU route. ( completely built units imported through sea route to india)  so it will attract almost 110% import duty.  So it will jack the price to almost double.
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