How much would it cost to upload an app in the Google Play Store, Apple Store and Windows Store?

Uploading to the Google Play Store & the Apple App Store is free. I don't know about the Windows store, so I'm not going to guess.

However each of those stores has a yearly fee to be a registered developer (required to upload), Apple's is $100 (and recently became free to nonprofits/schools under particular circumstances, including "app must have no in app purchases & be priced at $0"), and last I knew (about two years ago?) Google's cost $25.

To be clear the yearly fee covers a bunch of things, including uploading as many apps as you like.

Hi there,

It is free to upload an app to app store. However, all the stores have a fee for a developer account, and these prices can vary as per their respective policies.

  1. Google Play Developer account will cost you $25 (one time);
  2. Apple iTunes Developer account will cost you $99/year;
  3. Windows Developer account will cost you $19/year.

You need to register for developer accounts abd the charges are as follows:

Google Playstore : 25 USD lifetime charge

Apple Appstore: 100 USD yearly charges

Windows Phone store: 19 USD charges

When you have purchased your developer account uploading apps is free for all the stores

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