How often do you comb your hair? I lose a lot of hair when I comb too much.

3–4 times a day.

First and foremost try to choose the right hair brush. The vintage fashion bristle brush is a thing of the past. I favor a brush with broad spaced plastic bristles which has encased tips that will exert pressure when pressed upon with your finger. This permits for gentler scrubbing. This brushing method is perfect for long hair. You part your hair in the middle and slide it over each shoulder. Starting at the base gently work your way up through the tangles a little at a time until you come to the hair root. This will minimize any breakage.

Another great brushing method for long hair. After all the tangles are taken and the brush easily makes its way through your hair, bend over at the waist and brush your hair starting at the nape of the neck following all the way through to the end. This method will stimulate the scalp and maximize hair development.

A very important tip to be considered is to never brush your hair when it is still damp. When wet, your hair is like elastic, and stretches. Brushing wet hair will make the roots feeble and brittle. If you feel you should detangle while your hair is still damp, use a wide tooth comb and beginning from the end, step-by-step work your way to the scalp.

Before going to bed brush your hair to eliminate tangles, as always start brushing the hair from the end, gently work your way up through the tangles a little at a time until you come to the hair root. Once this is done, beginning at the scalp run the brush down the whole length of your hair. Extend this for a full count of 100 strokes. This stimulates the scalp as well as spreads the vital oils from the scalp equally till the ends of your hair.

use lighter oil to detangle hair. Massage by jojoba oil and then comb hair properly.

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Um well I would likely need more context, do you want to know when to workout or how to workout and eat?You can workout whenever you want. You can workout fasted or fed.My personal method is the 16/8, I have a lenient approach meaning some days i may be 14, some 18. 16 hours where I

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