How often do you exercise? Is it healthy to work out every day of the week?

I work out only 3/4 days per week, in that time I ensure that my workouts are as effective and intense as possible though.

I personally wouldn't recommend training every day and would argue that it certainly isn't necessary or healthy. The problem with exercising every day is that it doesn't allow your muscles, tendons and ligaments to properly rest. Long term this can have really detrimental effects and can bring about short term injuries that only serve to put your training back.

Always ensure that you're giving every muscle group plenty of time to rest. A great method of training to ensure this is the push / pull / legs routine. You can view a full workout plan for it here:

6-Week Push/Pull/Legs Workout to Build Muscle

This will ensure every muscle is sufficiently training and also rested correctly too.

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