How often do you go out to an expensive dinner?

What does "expensive" mean? Cause it does depends on what you feel expensive is.

I love cooking/baking whenever I have time. So if I'm not throwing things in the slow cooker or heating a quickie meal before going to one of my two jobs, I'll try to save money by going all out with a new recipe.
Maybe once a month or every other month, I'd go to Culvers (restaurant) or this nice burger place I adore. It's about $15–20, depending on what I order. It's not "fancy" by any means but those two places bring me comfort, especially Culvers. They have tasty meals that bring back memories of me & my family eating at those places.

Are we talking pricer than those? Like at a much nicer restaurant? Maybe once a year then. And it'd always be when my family gets together for a reunion/holiday meal, though there is talk of leaning away from that to just handcook everything again.

How many meals should you eat if you could have a perfectly balanced meal?

There are different studies, and theories, that all say different things - some support many small meals, others support fasting for periods of the day, then everything in between.You need to find what works with your own body best. My personal preferences are for a high protein, large breakfast then

What are some healthy salad recipes?

Salads are always good, and very healthy some of my all time favourite summer salad recipes are as follows :Cucumber Salad : This is very light and refreshing Cucumber salad. Its ideal for summers. Its a great side for anything you have on your grill. if you

Are most Indians aware of what Halal meat is?

After eating both the meat for years, I find Jhatka Meat more tastier. Although the taste difference is very minute, Jhatka has a little richer taste and Halal is little bland. May be due to blood content !!!Also Jhatka is more swift & ethical way