How often should I train Calisthenics?

Hey Jathon,

Different strokes for different folks mate I'm afraid. It all comes down to how much time you have to train and how you use that time. What do you want? Just to build strength?

The basic principles is simple. Balance. So make sure you are doing roughly equal push / pull exercises.

I personally train in cycles. So I will do a strength cycle (4 weeks), deload (1 week), followed by a skill cycle (4 weeks) then deload (1 week).


Often in these cycles I will train every day or at least 5 times a week. If you cat do that don't worry and I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, certainly not at first.

Start 3 times a week and build up to 5 in the first cycle then go from 5 a week to 1 rest day every 8/9 days.

Listen to your body though this is very specific advice and to be honest you shouldnt just do this, get more personal information and support - I would need a lot more information off you.


In my strength cycle I am doing fundamentals:

Pull ups - as many variations/progressions etc.

Dips - as above

Leg raises - Hanging & supported

Then other than that I do other shit for fun - wipers, transitions, little weird ones whatever the flavour of the week is for me.

Provided I am balancing those pulls and push movements I tend to just do what I fancy - but make it hard. You will only progress so far if you aren't pushing yourself.


Skills cycle looks much more like handstands and levers etc improving specific skills so it is much more bespoke.

But that is because I do gymnastics so I have certain skills and tricks I want to learn. Probably not the same for you - in dedication and determination for a skill.


Instead, I would suggest aiming for the latest goal or skill first at the beginning of your session, then finish up with push and pull etc.

But still I would look for balance. So if I was learning a front lever, I would also do a lot of planche progressions because it is essentially the opposite movement, in terms of the direction you are levering with your shoulders. The same philosophy as for push and pull movements.


So with all that being said, this is kinda basic strength session:

Warm up

Skill progressions

Pull, dip, leg raises x3 sets

Leg stuff x3 sets

Inverted rows, push ups, flutter kicks x3 sets

Finishers - basic push ups, hanging L sit holds etc. Done to the death


So that is kinda what you're looking for, I'll do this in 30–40 mins usually.

Important things are form and range of motion.

I hope this helps mate, feel free to ask more questions if you want me to expand, also I have a podcast on iTunes just launched earlier this week, check that out - its also on stitcher - just search ‘more than lifting' and it should come up no problem.

Catch up with you soon bro,


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