How old were you when you first ate sushi? Where was it and what did you think?

I was 11 at masayukis restaurant in capitola ,ca .with my mother the roll a would always get is pretty decent . I would order a smoked salmon avocado cream cheese roll with lemon and tobiko . Interestingly at another restaurant mAsayuki and I worked beside one another his customer had become his student. Masa was a reluctant teacher and clearly told me if he had not been specifically asked to teach me . ( by owner ) I wouldn't be learning his trade . I made it up to him by cleaning up his station everynight. I also made him a mixed tape upon his request of reggae he had asked about in passing one day . I was underpaid and moved on but still remember those days and nights at mobo sushi fondly

Compared to the US, is electricity less expensive in India?

Unless India has indigenous sources of oil, coal, propane or hydro(hydraulic) formations., then No.Whether that gets transmitted to the end customer, that is another matter.Also, who knows if the state provides any services, that are not provided by electric companies in the USA.There are essentially 5 different forms of electric company in the US. In India there

Which kind of cup noodles is the most delicious you ever eaten?

Spiced chicken noodles that are ready in just 3 minutes which is the most delicilous cup noodles I have ever eaten. You can find this cup noodles on VERYVERYCHEAP which is a comparsion website that offering you the best shopping experience. Here is the link in case you want itVeryVeryCheap| Real-Time Aggregator of All Discount.

How would you describe or what is the adjective to describe someone who is falsely humble?

There are many words that match your meaning, or can be used in that context:Unctuous - excessively flattering or ingratiating; oilyAdulatory - excessively praising or admiring.Smarmy - ingratiating and wheedling in a way that is regarded as insincere or excessive.Fulsome - complimentary or flattering to an excessive