How ridiculous is Priyanka Chopra's opulent marriage where she had a 70 feet veil? Is there no shame, where a country has over 600 Million people who survive on $2 wage?

Yes, this is ridiculous... so many people in India sleep hungry, don't get to wear enough clothes and here is Priyanka Chopra who married Nick Jonas wearing a gown with a veil of 70 feet that looked so beautiful. She wasted so much of money for her marriage ceremonies, which could have been used by others, right? So according the person who asked this question she should have done a court marriage where no money would have been wasted. Why only Priyanka, everyone should have a court marriage and not waste a single penny instead of that donate the money for poor. Right?

Why do people speak Kannada in Mangalore?

Why do people in TN speak Tamil , people in Gujarat speak Gujarathi ...etc ? For the same reason people in Mangaluru speak Kannada. People in Spain do not speak Japanese right ? For the same very reason. hope u understand now.

Why hasn't Hollywood been able to make one decent Wolverine movie, despite the fact that he is one of the baddest heroes in comic book history?

The two previous answers are great, but I feel compelled to add:While you clearly love the character - and I enjoy him too - there is the matter that his character was heavily influenced by Dirty Harry, who

What can I do to change my life?

You can basically change yourself and change the way that you view things.What steps should you take to change your life?Do not allow people to dictate your happiness or how you feel about yourself.Do not depend on people, you will end up dissappointed.Do not get affected by peoples thoughts and ideas, because