How safe is Japan for children?

I don't have children.

I have friends that do and at a certain age, around elementary school age, parents need to let their kids learn how to get to school on their own. They have to walk or take public transportation and the like.

Japan is very safe for children in public according to to the anecdotal reports I have been told.

Personally I have never observed a kid being bullied in public.

As far as bullying in Japanese schools it depends on the kid. I would have to respectfully disagree kids are bullied more in schools in Japan than in schools in America.

Most of my friends have hafu kids. They tell me they don't get bullied. In fact being as they are usually bigger and bolder they actually have a great group of friends.

I would say for children physical safety is much better than most countries.

Yet reports of bullying in schools is regularly reported in the news. It does happen and bullying of any kind is unacceptable.

In general, very.

Small kids in Tokyo and elsewhere travel alone or together on the trains to and from school and play by themselves in parks and playgrounds.

Nevertheless, in a country of 125 million, there will always be some bad guys, so occasionally a child goes missing and is later usually found murdered. But I suspect many more kids are killed riding bicyles.

It's a difficult task, but you need to find a way of letting your kids play without *always* having an adult present-or risk they will grow up neurotic and depressed when (or before) the fly the nest. I belive over-coddling kids is behind the recent rise in over-sensative students in the US who take extreme offense at the smallest apparent slights, are afraid of someone with different views speaking at their campuses, and see racism and bigotry everywhere.

First of all, children are rarely exposed under threatens of gunshots.

There are many laws that protect children. People are encouraged to report to police when children are found lost, sex abused or committing crimes anywhere anytime. It is almost illegal to leave children alone without the protection of society.

However, children are far more threatened by bullying in Japan than in America. Violence occurred between schoolmates or neighbors or families are silently permitted. Victims are convinced to swallow down truth in order to protect the honor of his relatives or acquaintances (this is also popular in South Korea). Thus more children suffer from people they know instead of strangers and sometimes this costs their lives.

You will see little kids traveling alone in trains if you visit Japan, As a girl I have never felt like in danger of anything, Also what Richard said is not true, but bullying does happen, and people don't stay silent because of honor or whatever, That's totally his imagination.

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