How safe is New Zealand for students?

My wife and I concurrently studied in New Zealand for four years and in two different cities; Auckland and Christchurch. Based on our experience, I reckon New Zealand is very safe for students provided you apply common sense and follow campus security precautions. Due to the nature of my study and research activities (e.g: ), I mostly moved through campus and the city centres in ungodly hours (normally between 9pm and 5am). Throughout the entire duration of my studies, I only face one potentially dangerous situation at the Auckland Central Business District (CBD), near the Grafton Bridge. Okay, this is what happened: It was around 2 am in the morning and I was collecting my research sample at one of my designated sites in the CBD. This site was particular close to night clubs near K'road. Unfortunately during that day the night clubs were seriously in session and there were pockets of intoxicated guys around the vicinity. One of the guys actually stalked me for several metres and minutes. Being stalked is a frightening experience that leaves a person feeling terrorized and powerless. Due to my experience in dealing with such circumstance, I approached him in the open and asked him what he wanted from me. Apparently he wanted to stab me and take away my wallet and my backpack bag. Luckily, I ran to the police who were patrolling Symond Steet.

Normally during new students induction week there is always a programme to enlighten students on how to be safe on campus and in the general community. You will hardly get into trouble if you follow these guidelines. All the vices which make university and high school campuses unsafe are not common in New Zealand:

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