How safe is it to take Modafinil daily?

It's quite safe in low doses. I'm a programmer consultant with 2 businesses, and regularly do 12–14 hour days 6 days a week. Most days, I take 50mg modafinil after lunch so I don't get food comatose, and can keep going sharp straight to 9–10pm. On some days, I will even take one 50mg dose early morning, and another 50mg mid afternoon. There are, however, drawbacks from my experience. After so many days in a row, you may start to feel easily irritated, and for me at least, 2 days after you stop, there's definitely a kind of brain lethargic effect (as with stopping any regular stimulant, like a daily coffee habit, etc.). However, compared to caffeine, modafinil doesn't give you a spike in stimulation and the crash, it's much more even keel and definitely lasts a lot longer (all day long in my case). Every few weeks, I'll take a solid week break to let my brain reset, and definitely one to two full days off a week to reset my system. Ah yes, one other side effect that some users report, including myself, it induces bowl movement, and if taken too many days in a row, diarrhea; so take plenty of water while you do. Hope this helps!

Can I train my forearms everyday?

You can train your forearms everyday but why do you want to?Is your number one goal to build your firearm muscles and/or strength?There are a few ways to approach training that is specific to one body part.Theres the high frequency approach (daily) and the lower frequency with higher volume.Either can work

How does Yoga helps in losing belly fat? What Asanas helps in losing fat?

Yoga is not a pill which you swallow and a particular problem is cured. If you start to follow a yogic way of life, it would entail change in your eating habits, way of thinking and acting.Asnas or for that matter any physical activity burn energy. The initial energy burnt is from carbohydrates and fat is burnt in

How could you know which muscles are being used while working out?

The feel test. Simply place your fingers of one hand on the muscles and see which or how much they flex when you move your arm or leg in a particular range of motion.For instance, your chest pecs pull your arms forward and in.Your shoulder deltoids (three of them) move your arms up back and out