How should I deal with verbally and emotionally abusive husband who disrespects me and my parents to a great extent?

Your answer depends on a lot of factors.

Have you tried talking to your abusive spouse ?

Have you told him clearly ,that you feel traumatized ?

If this continues ,and you are in the marriage as you do not want divorce ?

I have no place to advice but seek a counselor to fix your marriage.

I survived a abusive relationship(i was never married) which left me drained and broken.

What i did?

I cut off communication with the douche bag ,sort therapy,rebuilt my life and never will look back or at my abuser.

I will never take abuse of the intensity i went through ,even if i have kids and no penny to my name ,i will walk out .I was also physically abused,i was able to move on from the physical violence but the extreme damage a verbal and emotional abuse can do to your brain cells is unfathomable .

I will absolutely leave (if i had tried to fix it and sort therapy),as abuse and violence will just get worse with time .

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