How should I feel about having no social life?

The question should not be "How should I feel about having no social life?", the question should be "How do I feel about having no social life?".

Do not let others dictate how you ought to feel. How you feel is real. Trying to adapt to what someone else thinks you should feel will not make your true feelings go away, it will only cause you to mask them. If you do this long enough, you could lose who you are.

Now, to your question:

There are many reasons to have a minimal social life. If it is something you want because you are focused on a goal or for some other reason that is important to you, then it is probably temporary and I would not worry too much about it.

If you don't socialize much because that is what you are comfortable with, that's okay too. This type of person usually only has a few close friends that they trust and enjoy.

If you don't have much of a social life because you are shy, there is nothing wrong with that either, unless you feel that your shyness is hurting you in some way and you want to make a change.

If you don't have a social life for any reason, and you want to change that, examine that thought and make sure it is what you want and not what someone else wants for you. If it is what you want, then start making changes.

First, decide what having a social life means to you. Most people looking from the outside would consider my life boring. Trust me, it is not. I don't live the party life, because it holds no attraction to me. That is my choice. You need to decide for yourself, what you want.

Once you have made that decision, start finding and associating with people of like mind, those with similar interests. You will develop friendships quite naturally when you take this approach. If you are trying to overcome shyness, it may take a little extra effort, but it will work.

In this world, it needs to be said: A strong social media presence does not equal a social life. If you are trying to learn to be more social, do it face to face. Social media (like Quora for example) can add an interesting dimension to your life, but it will never successfully replace real, face-to-face interaction.

I feel like I have rambled a bit, so I will summarize with this: Decide what you truly want for yourself socially and if it is different than what you currently have, make a plan to go out and get it.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

You should have probably feel peace in you as you will be disconnecting yourself from social life and you will be focus on your own growth. I would like to mention some points which things will feel you having no social life.

  1. No comparison with other's life.
  2. Feel more happy.
  3. Self Growth and self analysis.
  4. Tend to gain useful knowledge.
  5. No distraction and Focused on aim,
  6. No more selfies post.:)
  7. Focus on Responsibility .
  8. Value to Time will understand.
  9. More face to face interaction instead of chating through Watsup, Facebook etc.
  10. Focus on Physical and Mentally both.

Nobody can tell you how to feel. A social life is an individual thing and even differs depending which person you talk to. What one person considers a social life (a few friends) may be seen as someone else as near -isolation, if they need many friends and lots of social activities

The main things is to decide what you are comfortable with, what you might like and stick with that unless you find that you were wrong. Then try it some other way. The other main thing is not to let various people criticize you for not having the same kind of social life that they do. If they don't understand what you have and like, then that's their problem, not yours!

Somewhat like this:

If you want a social life, you should feel motivated to get one and work on that.

If you don't want a social life then you should feel that is something you don't need so don't worry about it.

I had no friends at all for 3 years, the world didn't end. I kept myself busy with books and other activities. Then when I wanted friends, I made some.

Don't feel bad just feel motivated to do such things as going in public making friends talking about life with strangers it helps your confidence and your social interaction with others.

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