How should I get motivated to hit the gym every day?

I think, I can answer your query wisely as I'm also Gym-Goer and right now training hard for abs.

Note 1: Though I'm not a bulk-muscle guy. But, I'm dedicated and my efforts have started showing effects and it's pleasant to see visible transformation and it motivates me to push me further during my training session.

So, considering all facts, let's begin:

I will highlight some key-point for you, that will certainly motivate you and will keep you energized day-long to wait for gym session(golden time period).

Key Point 1: Always remember...

You don't!

If you are asking how you can get motivated to hit the gym every day, then I'm going to assume that you don't currently have a dedicated fitness program.

By trying to go from 0 to Hero overnight, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Right now, I'm the fittest I've ever been in my life.

I weigh about 190 lbs. with 11% body fat and I'm faster, stronger, and more mobile than I was at 21 (I'm 30 now)... And I only train 3–4 times a week.

So let's clarify things real quick.

Your goal is not to go to the gym everyday.

Your goal is to achieve the fitness and physique that you believe can only be achieved by hitting the gym every day.

Here's how you're going to do it.

1. Start Small... Really Small

2 tips.

  1. Don't go to the gym everyday.

I am a motivational speaker and I motivate people to take charge of their career, relations and their bodies. When I motivate people to take charge of their bodies and start going to the gym, they always end up saying this one thing ‘Can you tell me how to get/stay motivated to hit the gym? I get motivated for some time and then I just lose the motivation and stop going to the gym. Can you help me?'

This answer is not for people who are going to the gym regularly, have aesthetic bodies and can lift heavy weights. The people who have got results are motivated by the results they get and are skilled when it comes to going to the gym. This answer is for the people who get demotivated on the way of their transformation, who know it's important to go to the gym and take care of their diet but they can't help themselves and stop going to the gym and spoil their diet due to the habits they have formed in over a long period of time.

So, In this answer I will try to help you with how to get/stay motivated to hit the gym everyday. Before going in the details I would also like like to share my transformation pictures(2013).

Before transformation: 92 kg, 37% body fat and 38′ waist

After transformation: 60 kg, 15% body fat and 28′ waist (in 6 months).

To know more about my complete transformation click HERE.

Hi, Thanks for A2A. Bodybuilding is the only sport where you can win a war, without an enemy.

Let me tell you why, or how, did I join the gym.

I was a total failure on many fronts of my life.

I failed 3 companies.

I failed at making money.

I failed in my relationship with my parents.

I failed relationship with my younger brother whom I loved most but who hated me most.

I failed at bringing son-based social pride for family, and become a shame for my family.

I failed at keeping my employees keep trusting me.

I failed at keeping myself motivated in tough times.

I failed at love end.

I failed at smiling.

I failed at making few close friends to share my bad day.

I failed at even constantly starring me in mirror.

I failed at recognizing any ray of hope, if there was any.

I was ugly looking fat ass.

One night I was returning from my office having my regular dose of bad day, and I crossed the gym that I used to see daily while driving by.

All of the sudden, with no plan in mind, no goal in mind, no purpose, no preparation, I stopped my scooter, went inside the gym and asked him, what time I can come tomorrow morning?

Next morning i went gym, I worked hardest the possible as If i really either wanted to destroy the gym or wanted to kill myself. Session ended, I vomited badly right outside the gym. Somehow managed to get back to scooter and came back home.

I was fucked up.

After a long long long period of time (may be years), I slept.

When I wokeup in the evening, I went back to sleep for whole night.

Next morning, All I could remember was what I did in gym. No business, no client, no employees, no mom, no dad, nothing.

All I was thinking was, I will go to gym again tomorrow.

Gym came in my life as a stress buster. I started spending like 2–3 hours in gym, even if i wasn't working out.

It was like an escape from my failed self.

Slowly I started reading why I am loving gymming? why It pull me?

I was a failure at so many fronts of my life, that gym showed me I can succeed too. I can succeed at surpassing my negative believes. I can bear the load, I can even bear the progressive overload.

Slowly I started using gym to test my potential. To test my life theories in gym. I started relating real life situations to my gym situations. Real life theories, to my gym theories.

I still remember an incident when I was stuck at lifting 40 kg squat when I was in a gym in New Delhi. I was totally sure that I shouldn't force myself to lift heavier (50kg) because I was weak at that time, and it may cause me injury.

For 3 days consecutively, i tried lifting 50 and I couldn't. I was off and silent on Saturday, was challenging myself Saturday night, was mentally preparing myself on entire Sunday, and on Monday evening, I said to myself...

I'll do it.

I lifted 50 kg, No Support, No Spot, Free weights, 4 Reps.

I cannot express what I saw in myself when I looked in the mirror in front of squat cage. I was thrilled.

Gym, is a way to change your belief system.

Gym, is where you can buy confidence.

Gym, is a place filled with people wanting to do better in life.

Gym, is a place filled with people who love themselves.

Gym, is a place to detox mentally.

Gym, is a place to level up yourself, mentally.

And yes, you can excersize there as well.

Good luck.

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