How should I prepare for the NEET?

I copied this from a Facebook post by me, please go through this:

Okay, so Rajiv Sir asked me to throw some light on my preparation experience last year(2015-16).

I passed class 12th in 2015 with regular school and coaching from Aakash Pitampura(Delhi) and appeared for both AIPMT and RE-AIPMT in the same year(2015) and scored 490 and 498 marks respectively in them with AIR 5955 in RE-AIPMT 2015. Since I belong to the general category and have only Delhi domicile, I couldn't secure a seat in any govt college in 2015 through AIQ, also missed AFMC by a slight margin. My AIIMS and JIPMER scores and rank were also not good enough to get me a seat in there.

Then I started preparation for AIPMT/NEET 2016 and for that I joined Allen Kota classroom programme (Achiever Batch MAZH5). I mainly used class notes and Allen modules for my preparation.

Physics- Any coaching module+notes

NCERT if you are focusing for AIIMS (I personally never read NCERT).

Questions from any question bank will suffice.

I aimed for around 120+ marks, 80 marks are average.

Chemistry- NCERT should be read specially for inorganic and organic.

Practice questions extensively for physical and organic too.

Don't neglect inorganic as it is scoring.

I aimed for 150+ marks, 110-120 marks are average

Biology- NCERT is the Bible for biology, both NEET & AIIMS. If you are thorough with NCERT, you can easily score 300+ which is a good score.

NCERT reading for biology shouldn't be just plain reading, it should be exhaustive as in you should know every single line rather I would say read in between the lines for biology, beneath the diagrams, summary, even introduction and author info.


->In cell cycle chapter, the phase of organelle duplication is only given in the summary.

->In morphology anatomy unit, the author(Katherine Esau) introduction lists a wonderful fact about some virus which infects via the phloem tissue.

These are some examples i remember though many other such hidden questions are there.

Also practice a lot of questions for biology.

270 is considered average for biology. I aimed for 320-330+ as bio was my forte.

I didn't use much extra books and I won't recommend them either if you are already studying and practicing your coaching stuff correctly.

Also please start attempting previous year question papers (everyday) from February end or March beginning to assess your performance on a daily basis. Mark your mistakes and learn them or the underlying concept.

My score rose from around 510 in September to 550s in December-January to 570-580s in March and I was hoping for 600 in the final exam. My final score(NEET-1)was 615/720:

P: 118

C: 167

B: 330

My AIR was 134.

I performed well but nothing exceptional with AIR 327 and 590 in AIIMS and JIPMER respectively.

I got Maulana Azad Medical College in the first Delhi state counselling with Delhi rank 24.

If you need any other information then please feel free to comment in the comment section or message me.


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