How should I schedule my alone travelling to places in New Delhi?

I think you need to realize that even if you stay at home all the time, it isn't really a bad thing. It gives you time to introspect, to think about things the way people usually don't.
I like staying home too. Life isn't about partying and going to pubs and getting a girlfriend/boyfriend and getting drunk.
It is about self development. Read great books. Indulge in a great hobby. You can't plan whom to meet and when and where to meet them. It just happens.
I can't tell you to board a metro and reach a station at 11:54 and take a right and the girl that you see standing in front of pillar will be a "loner like you".
You need to start being more optimistic. And you need to start being more hopeful.

First of all don't think that you are so alone because you don't have a girl friend and nobody smiles at you. Practically speaking, an Indian girl don't smile while looking even at a good looking guy(i am not talking about every girl but most of the cases).

Second don't underestimate yourself by saying that you are not good looking. Many good looking guys don't have gf because they lack a gentleman's personality. Try to groom yourself by exercise, swimming, running , gaining knowledge on what is going around the world. Be presentable, girls like presentable guys more then good looking.

Now coming to solo traveling in Delhi. I understand that you are introvert and does not like to eat alone. I was introvert my self and i had 2 options- go outside and overcome this nature of mine , or just sit at home and cry about my loneliness. I selected first option and now i travel alone and covered north, west and south india by myself. But this did not happened in a single day, week, month, it took me months to start feeling comfortable alone and around 1–2 years to collect all my courage and start traveling out of delhi all alone.

Some tips while travelling alone:

  1. Always take a book with you. Go to a restaurant, give the order and start reading book. You won't even notice people around you
  2. Start playing with your phone, google something and start reading it.
  3. Go to cafes like starbucks. You will find many people sitting alone there and you won't feel you are the only one who is alone.

Delhi. The Capital. It's a great place and has a lot of places to visit. If it were for me. I would hit every famous street food joint. ( I can already hear some people screaming UNHEALTHY at the top of their lungs. But meh)

  1. You can try Chandni Chawk. Like come on. Almost every Indian movie mentions that place. Try the food, shop, enjoy the compactness of the place. :D
  2. You can try Connaught place.
  3. Jantar Mantar
  4. Bangla Sahab Gurdwara
  5. Visit Delhi Haat, to experience the culture and the different colors of India at one place.
  6. Sarojini Market
  7. Karol Bagh
  8. Old delhi
  9. Qutb Minar - Just breath in and enjoy your alone time.
  10. And you prolly be wondering that you asked a question about Delhi and there were no INDIA GATE mentions.

Here's one :D

Happy Hunting


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