How should i find a good job?As i am so much confused whether to go for preparation of exams or job hunt.

  1. Find the things you love and/or care about and find out what jobs make, maintain, support, and study them. A good job is one you care about.
  2. Get to know people who are doing that job or who work with people doing that job. It helps to know people in the job to get a job.
  3. Ask those people about what they wish they could change. Try to distinguish good/bad things with the work itself from good/bad things with a particular company: they're both important to know about but for different reasons.
  4. When you find a field you like and think you know some specific jobs and companies that would be good for it, learn what the people who got those jobs needed to do to qualify for them, and do those things. This goes above getting the right degrees and certification into showing that you care about that kind of work.
  5. When you feel ready (or maybe a bit before), start putting out applications. If there aren't postings for exactly what you want to do, ask the people from 2 about possible places and pass on resumes through them. There are jobs available that are not posted.
  6. Interview lots. Sometimes this will be the classic submit a resume and schedule a formal interview structure; sometimes someone will be not hiring for something in particular but want to meet for coffee and talk more. Learn how to describe efficiently what you care about, what you want to do, and why you would be good at it.
  7. Make your offer one you're okay with. You're probably not going to get your dream job for life this way, but you should make sure that you're getting paid a reasonable amount for what you're doing, get to work on something you care about, and have room to move up to a place you'd want to be even more. If you find yourself in the situation where you want to work with one organization but another has a better offer, it's worth mentioning the perks of the other politely to the organization you want to work for to see if it's possible for them to match it.
  8. Do a good job at the job you get this way. The better you do at this work, the more easily you'll move towards your dream job.

Dear All,

Today in this technological world we can see that day by day unemployment has been increased and education is increasing !

Isn't it looks strange !! Yes, by the above sentences it looks that how its possible ?

Most people apply to jobs by updating their resume, looking on a jobs site, and then submitting their resume to as many open position as they can. That's not the best way to go.

The best way to find a job is through someone you have worked with in the past.

Why does this work? Because if someone you have worked with in the past, who knows you do great work, recommends you to a hiring manager they know, the hiring manager already knows you do great work. They won't have to guess if you can do the job. They already know that you can because someone they trust recommended you. That takes so much risk off the hiring manager and they feel more confident that they are hiring the right person for the job.

Start by going through your LinkedIn profile. Look at all of the people who you enjoyed working with and would say that you did great work together. Also think back to all of your previous jobs or education and think of anyone else who would say you did great work.

Then write them an email like this:

Hi [coworker's name],

This is [your name], we worked together at [XYZ Company]. I'm reaching out today because I'm looking for new job opportunities in the same industry.

You always did great work at [XYZ Company] and know a lot of people in the industry so I was hoping you might know some job opportunities that are open.

Can you recommend the names of a few people I should talk to?


[Your name]

Send this email out to the people you know. If that person liked working with you, then they will be glad to recommend you to people who are hiring.

Then reach out to the people they recommend you should meet.

After you have met with about 10 people, you should have a very good lead on a few jobs.

Good luck!

The Youth who is heading for employment after completing their college, should compare Government Job and Private Job. And I decided to do a deep analysis between these two main sectors

Benefits of Government Jobs :

Job Security

Flexible Working Hour

Salary, Incentives & Bonus

Respect in Society

Easy to get financial support

Government Job Perks like min. rent quarter, free travel , medical facilities, Holidays, Phone bill etc.

Benefits of Private Jobs

No caste based reservation

Strict to office timing

Interested based projects

Promotion & reward for dedication.

You can move from one to another company

Cabin for focus on your work ,Hygiene at washrooms , Free snacks to some limit, Clean campus with necessary amenities , Insurance and Medical benefits to you and your family member...

Public sector includes Central, State Government and Local bodies and has a plethora of opportunities such as Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police service, Indian Foreign Services, Public Sector Undertakings, teaching, municipal, judiciary, Intelligence Bureau, Central Bureau of Investigation and infrastructure.

On the other hand, private sector includes small and medium businesses, large multinationals, investment banking and consulting, start-ups and NGOs. You just need to make sure you are willing to put up with the negative aspects in exchange for the positive ones.

Preparation Tips for Private Sector Jobs :

Decide what job you want

Find yourself a good recruiter

Build the perfect CV and covering letter

Make a plan & act accordingly.

Most importantly have confidence in yourself.

Get details about the company and products during the research. No one expects that you know the latest quarterly reports in mind, but you should know enough for the interviewer to feel you've not made a superficial statement.

The hard work and good preparation to enhance qualities like leadership, communication, business acumen, ability to influence others and problem solving

According to many people, government jobs mean security, stability and status.

Preparation Tips for Government Sector Jobs :

Every government job, both State and Central government will be announced publicly on their websites and in newspapers, will have one or 1+ written test, post which your job eligibility will be decided and you will be called for an interview. GD / physical exams / medical examination may be a part of the selection procedure. Defence, security,Excise or Police force you definitely need to match up with the minimal standard.

Lakhs of vacancies are expected to be created this year

Proper planning and strategy is must traits to clear the exams and score maximum marks.

GOVT Job exam is generally conducted in three stages that are

Preliminary exam (or Tier - I), Mains exam (or Tier - II) and Interview process.

Cover the important sections of the exam like Maths, Reasoning , English, Current Affairs & General Knowledge which are important for all Government Job Preparation Exams.

Some recruitment process include Descriptive Paper Letter & Essay and Subjects in Civil Services Exam.

NO INTERVIEWS for Assistant, Clerk, Railway, SSC

Cracking the entrance exam is not that easy, but with dedication and smarter / clever hard work, we can surely get through it successfully.

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Get Familiar With Syllabus And Work On it.

Make Strategy, Timetable And Practice .

Coaching Classes and Notes

Revise Syllabus And Solve Previous Years Papers.

Self Belief and Motivation

Join Offline Career Booster Classes near you

Follow Experience Expert Advice.

Prepare yourself by writing what you have learned. Rigorous & Clever hard work and tireless endeavor are the only keys to success. Follow the above tips and try to instill a good learning habit, the results would be highly encouraging.

Now you just have to get it. Easy – with our advice!

We hope these tips will help you a lot. Good Luck !

I would side with Atul Salgaonkar's response.

You need to start with the beginning: they did not reject you. You were not accepted.
It is not about you vs. them: it's about being at the right place, at the right time, in front of the right person. It has nothing to do with your skills (which are missing from the question details, by the way): volunteering is something that you did (but where?) and perhaps it's not something that these employers were looking for.
If you go back to the same companies 5 years from now and with the right skills, they will be happy to have you.

Again, going with the assumption that you are in US, you need to get a resume together (you have it, right?) and think about what you'd like to do.
You mentioned volunteering. Non-profit organizations have a number of positions which are compensated and which perhaps put you on track to remain with this organizatoin for years to come.

You have to state what are you interests and what are you career aspirations.
In the meantime, while you are deciding that, spead the word about babysitting (depending on your area, it can be $10+ per hour per child). You can make yourself stand out by having your CPR license (about $50, check with local Red Cross).
You can also dabble into tutoring.
Check your local hospitals about positions that they have open (many require only a HS diploma).
You may also look into the local cleaning companies - many have evening hours (for office buildings) and you can get a job there. Yes, it's not the cleanest job and something that may carry a hint of stigma attached to it, but it's a decent job and it's a well-paid one (due to that same stigma, not many people apply, so wages are still competitive).

Again, these suggestions are for your age group - you don't have a college degree (yet), and you may not qualify for some decent-paying jobs because, well, you are young and don't have enough experience.

Why do you want "a job"?

"Job", is a clever neoliberal ploy to keep us, the commoners, engaged. They need people like you and me working for them. They want you and me, to work our lives off, so that the wheel of our meticulously fabricated capitalistic civil society can keep on turning.

Fortunately, there are two escapes from this hamster wheel.

First is to rebel. Move to Himalayas. Spend the rest of your life in seclusion. Drink water from the rivers, bathe under the waterfalls, walk the mountains. Live the life the way it was intended to be lived.

The second option, is to work the public at large and not a corporate. Learn things. Learn the workings of the system, know it inside out. The ability to solve n maths questions in m minutes won't serve any purpose anywhere in your personal or professional life.

Jump out of the hamster wheel.

Become a part of the "top 1% of the top 1%".

Even if you fail in doing so, you always have the first option available to you. A train ticket from Jodhpur to Himachal is not that costly.

"In the face of such hopelessness as our eventual, unavoidable death, there is little sense in not at least trying to accomplish all of your wildest dreams in life." - Kevin Smith

How did Bill Gates become so rich?

Bill Gates became so rich because of 3 things.He had a great IDEA. (He had a vision to see a PC in every home and he had an idea to power all these PC with his own Operating System)He created a great product (Windows)That served a lot people (1.6 billion devices have

How did you cope with life after your last incarceration?

As is often the case, I do not know what a questioner means by certain words, in this case

How many days do we need to see Thailand?

From the top of my head, two weeks are about right to cover Bangkok, Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard islands, Chiang Mai and nearby spots, Phuket and the Andaman Sea.For those for local culture and festivals, you may wan to include some provinces in North Eastern Thailand.This however