How should public schools in the United States handle political views between teachers and students?


That's sort of the best summary I can give.

Generally speaking, we should try to keep politics out of the classroom.

But we also don't need to go so far as to pretend politics don't exist either.

Part of education, arguably, is training students to be good future citizens; not just good future employees. That means being part of the political process. That means teaching them to understand current political issues and how government operates.

There should be space for those things in school.

It's also important to make sure they don't overwhelm school. Generally, math and science classes probably aren't the place for politics. (Though you might be surprised that there are some places for them.) Generally, there are places for politics in English and history.

The challenge is making sure that multiple perspectives are welcome. But school is no worse a place for young people to learn about politics than anywhere else they can.

Obviously, teachers must be careful not to abuse their positions of authority and try to influence their students. If asked though, they don't have to pretend that they are apolitical either.

Teachers should not give their opinions and if they are doing a good job of teaching students, the students shouldn't have any idea of what the teacher's political beliefs are. It breaks my heart that schools/colleges seem to be indoctrinating students into a Liberalism. College students are spending a fortune to be brainwashed into thinking and believing a certain way. If they disagree with the professors they risk failing their class. They aren't teaching students how to think for themselves. Teach facts and let the students decide what they believe in. Teach the facts, teach civics and government like they used to do. Start with the Founding Fathers, how they set up our government, what is the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. They should learn why there are three branches of government and what are their purposes. Explain local government, county, state and federal and how they work. Discuss current events. Look at different news sources. Learn to identify bias', learn to research for the facts. Most important, instead of telling the students what they should think, teach them to think for themselves. Teach the students that while they might not agree with someone else' views, everyone has the right to their own opinion and we should respect that.
It's very sad to hear college students and adults call others Fascists or state that we should have a socialistic government but when asked, they have been unable to explain what a Fascist is or what socialism is. The 1st amendment, Freedom of Speech seems to have disappeared. You're not allowed to have an opinion that others disagree with. It's scary to see some groups becoming violent or shouting down others that have differing opinions. Teach students facts, how to think for themselves, how to research to find answers and make their own decisions. Teachers, keep your opinions, bias', etc. to yourselves.

A good teacher does not bring their political views into the classroom- much like a good employee does not talk about politics in the office. I have never had or heard of a teacher in the US "teaching" their political views to their students.

In some history classes, politics abound. The best teachers who have to deal with politics in class simply argue the opposite of their students to make them think critically.

Teachers are professionals. I don't know why people think they need to police every word that comes out of their mouths. Teacher's goals are to help students think critically, and learn- not project their views onto their students.

Like religion, I don't think teachers should have the ability to openly express or push their political ideologies onto students in the classroom.

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