How should you tip for great food but terrible service?

I work as a cook. The only difference in pay for me and the servers is $1 an hour. The girls that work the front of the house make very, very good money. I have also been told that on the days they have me as a cook the tips they receive are triple what they make when I am off for the shift. If you get food you should always be willing to say you want the tip to go to the cook. With that being said if you have both a great server AND a wonderful meal, leave 2 separate tips. But, keep in mind if you don't specifically request a tip to go to the cook, it will never make it to the kitchen. I can tell you I have received less than $40 in tips this entire year, todays date is December 15...that is sad. Please tip your cooks. The pay differential between front of the house and back of the house staff that everyone talks about is not as real as you think.

How does on demand food delivery work?

Online food ordering and delivery business have earned an eminent position in the e-commerce market. The success of the first generation of online food ordering startups like Just Eat, FoodPanda, and Foodler etc. have proved that if this business works with the latest trends, it can earn huge profits.In spite of its popularity, many parts

Do you refuse to eat leftovers and why?

No. In fact years ago it used to be fairly common for me to cook a huge amount of stew or pot roast and eat off of it all week long. It saved me from having to cook every night. I stopped doing that because my

Why don't restaurants leave menus on the table to encourage more sales?

For several reasons.In restaurants that don't divide up the tables between the waiters, removing the menu signals that