How teacher can facilitate transfer of learning to students in classroom?

I'll suggest that learning can't be ‘transferred' from teacher to student. Learning is an active process by the learner who must pay attention, work to form memories, and then practice and rehearse to encode long term memories and integrate the new memories into their existing network of memories so that knowledge and skills can be recalled when needed. Learning can be facilitated but the student has to do the work.

One way a teacher can facilitate learning is to carefully design their courses so that students have lots of opportunities to practice the cognitive skills necessary to meet the outcomes of the course (whether this is memorizing terms or formulas, welding aluminum, thinking critically, writing, or whatever). This goes for in class work as well as homework.

And, then a teacher can review students' work in progress and offer meaningful feedback and track improvement over time.

You can't. Think about it. Whatever you have learned, is yours. No one transferred it to you, nor can you transfer it to anyone else.

I don't mean to split hairs, but it is probably the single most important concept to get. "Transfer" is not a useful concept for educators. Students learn by what they themselves do. If you lecture, some of them will learn what is possible to be learned by listening, to some extent. Then if they read, some of them will learn what is possible to learn by reading, and so on. We learn by doing.

You can however facilitate learning experiences. To do this, think about what you plan to ask them to do. Think about a person who knows what you want them to know. What does this person do? That's your model, the target for your planning.

Practice and feedback are essential. But practicing what? We mostly get good at only what we practice, right? What can they do with the feedback? Ignore it, or use it to do something that continues and opens the learning experience, or what? Try to think that through, it's the heart of the matter.

It's a lot to consider for the teacher who wants to facilitate learning, not just deliver information.

For more information, including how you might approach assessment, you might want to check out Understanding by Design (UbD).

All the best.

Trainer cannot transfer learning , he can transfer knowledge of the concept by increasing engagement in the class. For that trainer have to be well prepared before the class and have to arrange for practical exercises related to the concept. Have to follow best training modules which suits the concept.

The best Training modules

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