How to find courage to divorce after 7 years of marriage with a 1 year old child if I am a stay at home mom?

To find the courage to divorce, because you both are not right for each other, when you have a child, is very hard.

You have a child, who needs you. So take responsibility in getting your life in order. You have to become emotionally and financially independent. Start taking those steps immediately.

Even if you don't want to go back to programming, see if you can use those connections and skill sets to start working from home. Many moms and dads do that.

It is very important to have a plan, and take one step at a time. Start saving to go back to business school, maybe find ways to apply. This is a huge and important step, but what you do here, and how you become strong is setting the example for your child.

While it may sound like your soon-to-be ex husband will financially help, you have to develop your self-esteem and stand on your own.

If something happens to him or he meets another women after your divorce, then there are no gaurantees. Are you planning on taking custody of your kid? If so, the court will look at you to see how you will support your child. If they don't, it might be quite easy for your husband to claim custody.

Make sure you cross your t's and dot your i's as you are not only responsible for your own life, you are now responsible for a child's.

Take the steps to become independent.

I have been with my husband 15years we recently moved apart... after almost 2weeks separated We meet up to talk things out! All he wanted was to have sex and never did any talking! What should I think?

He is reducing your relationship to a sexual one. While it's understandable and common, it should not be the focus of a loving relationship. He is not respecting you as a person, but merely an object. I would think long and hard about reuniting again. However,

According to Indian Hindu law, can a married man live with another widow woman before the divorce?

As per Hindu law, if a man and women get married they can further re marry only after ending their first marriage.So if a married man starts staying with a widow before marriage that amounts to illegality. So in order to start living with the widow is to end the first marriage.An expert

What are some creative tricks to save time and boost productivity?

Get an early start.If you're up and ready to go a couple of hours before everyone else, either on the weekday or weekend, you've got a golden opportunity.There will be fewer people in stores, less traffic on the road, and less of a chance