How was the beginning of your relationship with your current long term partner? Did you click right away or not? If not how did you start liking each other?

I have been in three longer term relationships in my life and a few short ones.

All of the long term relationships have had an instant spark. Almost an intitative connection that I would say was love at first sight. That said, I don't know if that is real. I suspect that it is a subconscious process of evaluating that occurs more quickly than we realize.

The first was a college romance and lasted about 2 years.

The second resulted in a 30 year marriage that ended in divorce.

The third is 5 years in and going great.

The short ones all had passionate sex but the connection was never as strong.

How to get rid of the knots in my trap muscles

Based on my observation of people over many years, and assuming there's nothing unusual about you, it is important to realize that muscles don't knot up for no reason. If they're prone to spasms,

In which countries LGBT is legal?

LGBT is a confusing jumble of letters that can mean anything. I would presume that the letter L. refers to the Isle of Lesbos. Lesbianism is actually encouraged in Australia, as Greeks in general have always been regarded as desirable immigrants. I know a fair bit about the Greek

When a husband leaves his spouse for his mistress, does their relationship last?

I couldn't find statistics on this, but leaving a wife for a mistress is very likely to bring disillusionment, disappointment, and divorce. While she was your mistress, you saw her only at her best, and she seemed much nicer and more sexually compatible with