How was your experience with your first solo trip in Goa?

Sorry bro... but iv been living in goa for like 20 years now...

So no slow trip and Al...

BTW, me and my family came to goa on a holiday actually, parents liked the place so very much and thought to settling down in here....

And now it's been 20 years....

GOA is amazing.

I have never been to Goa alone but I have been with my friends twice and planning to visit there again in December. It's an awesome place and best place to spend time with friends.

Exuberant night life, entertainment, water rides, exploring mix of Portuguese and Indian culture, beautiful churches, beaches, living in cottage, roaming around freely, laid back and fun loving people, casinos, party, clubs, discos, sea food.

P.S. You'll enjoy it if you're a party lover and open to explore adventures. But don't waste money on useless activities like Casinos, drinking just because alochol is cheaper than water.


After visiting Goa , I read my blog about how it went and my experiences

First solo trip to Goa | India | GhumakkadBandi | Ghumakkad Bandi

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