How well does a marriage work when the wife is 18 years older than the husband?

Ok, in the case of marriage, I know two couples who have this in common. One came together at age 30 and 50 almost 20 years ago and had no children. They remain happy together. He looks a little older than his age, she younger. He never wanted children, and the ship had sailed with her. They light each other up, and it's sweet to watch.

The other is slightly younger and have been together 5 years. He was 29, she was 47 and she had prepared to have children later in life and had one child previously. They have twin boys who are strong, happy, social children. They came together very quickly and had children fairly quickly. They also seem very happy and agree on most things. They met over an interest in Victorian times.

The issue of children is the main one to consider. Could you adopt? Are you ready of the possibility of taking expensive measures to reproduce? Would you both prefer not to have children and is that agreed upon?

The second is, how well will they experience their differences over time? In the first relationship, for about 6 months before the marriage, she had weight problems and hurt her back. She thought he might "see" her age more and leave, but he did exactly the opposite and it brought them closer. He parted ways with a few of his friends who told him he wouldn't be happy and that it would be such a drag caring for an older spouse. He told them, it didn't matter how old, you would eventually care for each other. They both became more healty and keep to working on that.

I'm not sure if one of these other writers is reporting from anything resembling reality. It sounds like he's writing a suspense novel. In general, the older partner is likely to have more money, so the alleged search for alimony from a younger man seems far-fetched. Never mind Cougar and Cub in my view are slurs and are not nice to say. There are seldom similar words for men unless they look like her granfather, so his sexist words are noted.

Is a 'testosterone only' cycle the best first steroid cycle?

In my personal opinion yes. OR just try ONE compound first i.e. DBol, Deca. I did Deca first and grew like crazy. My test was very high being young so I didn't have the sides that most people seem to think happens to everyone.I tell the story here - https://www.secretsofbodybuildin...However I was young, and looking

Is it wrong to start strength training with weights heavy enough to do only 5 reps?

Hi,Base your training on compound movements. Do them first in your workout, at least once a week, and try to progress on them. 5 reps is build muscles is better to lift on every muscle group at least two time a week. Research reveals that when you train a body part, protein synthesis

Which protein powder is safe to consume and how much?

Crisp and clear answer-No endorsing any product.Fitness supplements industry will be increased by $45 billion by 2022.Whey protein is the safest protein to consume on regular basis and is very safe to consume-when i say whey-only whey-no additives,fillers. And how much to consume depends on your goals.See for example-when you do