How well has the BMW i3 sold?

It has sold about 10K units in just under a year. What does that mean? Well, it's not much. More than the Nissan Leaf, less than the Chevy Volt. It's a first year model, so buyers tend to hold out and wait to see if it is a lemon or a good car. On that light, it's not a bad number at all. It is helped by coming from a reputable brand, and from the EV market slowly maturing and gaining traction. It is not helped by being a "performance" model rather than a mainstream model. Short answer: It has sold well, all things considered. BMW had to up its production output and there are long waiting lists for it.
Here are a few links that can help answer the question but the other answers have mostly summarized the info.

The 10,000 unit or so units sold is said to be ahead of BMW's own sales projection. Given how many BMWs in the US are leased, I won't be surprised that over half of the units are leased which means they will have to be sold again with obsolete technologies in them. It is definitely a green halo model for BMW. Given a range of just 61 miles, safe to say no one is cross-shopping it with a 3-series.
It seems sales began in January of this year.  Since then, 9,878 units have shipped.  Compared to the average sales of the Chevrolet Volt for a similar time period (12,035), this is low.  But one is a premium car from a midrange brand, and the other is an entry level car from a luxury brand.  They have different markets and sales goals.

Personally, I think the i3 has done admirably for what it is.
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