How well is the Apple Watch selling?

It's hard to say because Apple is not releasing sales figures. However, people have made some very close guesses and their estimates are between 10–12 million for the first year of sales. To put that into perspective, Apple sold 7 million iPhones the first year it was on sale. The Watch is selling better than the iPhone did when it was launched. The iPad did a little better, with closer to 10 million sales in their first year. The Apple Watch appears to be selling very well for a first generation product.

In spite of their reputation of releasing refined products, first generation Apple products are always a little rough. The iPhone 3G was the first refined and widely adopted iPhone and the iPad 2 was when Apple perfected the iPad. Expect the same from the Apple Watch, with a significantly improved second gen product.

Compared to other smartwatches, it is doing great. Estimated numbers show that the Apple Watch has outsold all Android Wear watches ever made, and it cost more than any Android Wear watch ever made. How is this possible? People who use Apple products are willing to spend more on things and are willing to buy a piece of hardware that they don't need.
My expert analysis, and I expertly analyze Apple things and better than predicted (to the lament of the naysayers) more than any other wrist wearable, but less than X, way less than Y,  and because it hasn't outsold all the other watches made, combined, in all of history, by everyone....

Apple is doomed.






They haven't disclosed the exact figures, but they still completely dominate the smartwatch market over Pebble, Samsung, LG, TAG and all of the other "big players" around. Nowadays, the gimmick has sort of worn off and I'd say less than half of the people who bought it wear it on a regular basis. Many are looking for the Apple Watch 2 or Apple Watch S; who knows what that'll be like.

Better than iPhone when it first launched to give you some perspective. There have been naysayers but that was true for iPad as well... and come to think of it.. the personal computer!
Slice and other similar companies provide some indirect sales figures but because of the relatively  small sales figures compared to the other Apple Watch  collections  it may take some time to get fairly accurate sales figures released  this kind of statistic is not based on actual sales figures it is interpolated based on shipments.
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