How were civil rights and liberties established in the US?

In brief, many of the American colonies were established by those who were persecuted, particularly for religious reasons, in England. The Puritans settled in New England and the Quakers in Pennsylvania. The local colonial governments, not wanting to do what had been done to them, established rationalist and enlightenment ideas in the founding documents, such as constitutions, of the various American colonies before the Revolutionary War.

Governmental abuses from distant England, such as taxation without representation and forcing local farmers to house British soldiers and feed them with no financial compensation and no adequate safeguards for the soldiers' behavior enraged the colonists. This, in colonies already sensitive to religious persecution, generated the desire for independence and a strong notion of the idea that government should not be allowed to violate individual rights.

After the war, the initial collective government of the former colonies did not address many of these issues and was not cohesive. Conflict over trade and other issues was growing. So a Second Continental Congress was called, and these men proposed the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, codifying into the structure of the government of the US a set of Enlightenment ideals that, they hoped, would create a just nation.

First the Declaration of independence from the rule of a King, then a war for freedom, Then a constitution to abide by made by intelligent men.

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Would America be a better place if it had never been discovered by Columbus?

No. Europe was way more advanced than the americas when Columbus found it. So if they were isolated, meaning that Columbus or anyone like him didn't discover or colonization it, they would have less progress than was made by the USA. In fact

What's a good way to get even with a mean girl?

If you are a Christian try praying for her. Do it everyday for atleast one month.Try to understand why she is mean. What does she do and why. Does she have any friends? Maybe she needs one. Maybe she has low self esteem or problems at home. A little detective work

Why should I travel to Hawaii?

Because their isn't any other experience like Hawaii anywhere else.  The carribeans could be close, but not exact. It's all up to what kind of person are though. I've met a few people who think Hawaii is overrated. I'll tell you what though; there is a difference between living there & visiting.