How were socks invented?

The actual person who invented socks is unknown because they have been  around for such a long time. The earliest socks were created by tying  animal skins around the feet and ankles. As far back as the 8th century  BC socks made from animal hair were worn by the ancient Greeks .
By the 5th century AD socks were worn by Holy people throughout Europe  as a symbol of purity and about 400 years later they became a symbol of  wealth among the nobles.
and interesting thing about sock is that "The name for socks may have come from shoes worn by comic actors in Rome called soccus in Latin"
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The question is perhaps the most Awesome one! There was an old saying that he who know what to do can find a way, how to do? There could be any number reason or stories that can describe the give you a narrative about the invention of socks.

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