How will diversity within the classroom influence how we learn?

In the history of American education the only time measured quality increased for all students was during the eighteen years we had busing to increase integration into a diverse classroom. This practice ended wildly in the late 80's. Disparities in education have widened since. Classroom diversity is more important then any teacher, method or reasroces. From my perspective (someone in those classes and as an educator and parent today), the reason for this is diversity brings a broader spectrum of perspective to problem solving, narrative and learning methods in the classroom. Students benefit from exposure cognitive development that focuses on the innovation process. This process is exercised efficiently when there is a wide range of possibilities, not when it is narrower. The complexity of the classroom serves the individual students learning, by showing them a wider context to work through. The added bonus is it also strengthens our society, not only by allowing individuals to find their role in a wider world and seeing a wider readily of the problems they are solving, but it also integrates the society into understanding each other in ways that creates unity in a society. The brakedown in education relates directly to the wealth divide and the political divide. They all are a result of self sorting and an end to the busing program.

Did time and space exist before the Earth?

A space dot who visited me in the 60's claimed it took 95 billion years to form the Earth , a coalescence of dus scattered over the cubic area of 14 Milky Ways. That's more than 7 billion years for each trip to

Why do people believe obvious lies Donald Trump tells?

While the majority of Americans are not racists, there is a core of white supremacists and those that believe in white superiority that seems related to what Trump is, a racist.Christianity is dominated by European/American whites. That following has been dominant and strong for centuries. It

Can we see a star travelling away from us with the speed of light?

Sure. If we're using just simple special relativity, draw a 2D chart where space coordinate goes right and time goes up. Something moving with speed of light follows a diagonal line. If it moves away from you (that would be right-up in the chart) and somehow emits light, this light moves back to you following a left-up