How worse can the lowest point in life get?

This is how hard it can get.

  1. Firstly higher education matters a lot these days.
  2. For there is only one option to it.Learn a skill.
  3. Or otherwise these things can happen.
  4. No education = 90% chances of no job.
  5. Want to start a business but you are too lazy to do it so 10% chance is also wasted.
  6. Parents will feed until their last breathe.If they have a fortune you will inherit that but if not laziness is not going to leave you.
  7. You are gonna gamble around with that fortune.Lose it for greed.
  8. Society is gonna kill you by backfiring you.
  9. No one will be your life partner.
  10. Relatives and friends will never give a damn about you.
  11. Worst case scenario=After your parents death in a year or so you will be begging for daily amenities.
  12. Beggars and alcoholics will be your friends.
  13. Caner and tuberculosis may prevail your body because of unhygienic traits.
  14. Your funeral will be conducted horribly.
  15. Life can drop you at that level remember.

Start something small.

Work Hard for it.

Instead of thinking for easy life start working towards it.

N.B. This is strictly my views upon general life.I am not judging around anyone.

Hope this Helps


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