How would America be better off, and worse, if it were led by appraisers?

The banking industry is very dependent on appraisers, necessary to determine the most currant value of property of all kinds. The banks need those appraisal to determine loans.

When an independent appraiser is hired by a bank to determine the value of (especially) real property, the appraiser usually leans forward, and asks quietly:

"What do you want it to be?"

•Transparency would be VERY IMPORTANT

•Misleading behavior would not be tolerated.

•Responsibility, not privelage, would dictate the behavior of the leaders.

Leaders would compete to display more reasonable behavior than their peers. All sides would be interested in the truth.

Hilary, Donald, and many members of Congress would have lost their license/ certification, long ago.

America is led by appraisers; in a capitalist society correct market valuation of property is essential. And until the value is determined in a thorough and sound appraisal based on data, no one can know what anything is actually worth. Insurance companies will not provide insurance without a professional appraisal.

What is considered attractive in different countries around the world?

China1. light-complexioned skinnedIn China, both men and women, people like to keep their skin light-complexioned.

What is the difference between sociopathy and borderline personality disorder?

People with BPD have too much emotion and sociopaths don't have any.Sociopaths are born that way and people with BPD are bred.People with BPD want to love and be loved. Sociopaths don't give a shit.People with BPD can get very colorful when their wellbeing is threatened and sociopaths are calm, cool and collected while they are

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When we first moved to Clovis we did an EVP session in my apartment I used to live in above the one I Live in now. We received a name from a guy named Pete through searching a little bit