How would I be able to move into my friend's house with her parents?

You don't get to choose your parents., or usually your household. Your friend likely has issues with her family just like you do, you just don't see it. Your friend's parents are human, just like your parents, and everyone has their own flaws. Nobody is perfect. I don't know your exact situation, but on a normal family, these feelings you are presenting are quite normal and will pass as you get older.

What 3 skills should everyone know about?

How to cook, how to care for and nurture children, and how to cheerfully learn from one's mistakes...If you eat, you should learn how to cook, and cook well. Enjoying food and drink brings pleasure to ones life; learning to cook great food lets you pass that on to others.Learning to care

Who and how much do I tip in the USA?

Hooo boy.This is one of the aspects of American culture that I feel the need to apologize to visitors for. It makes no sense, there's no simple model for it, even Americans generally don't agree on who and how much you tip. It's a pain, even for people

How to stop thinking that people may hate me

Don't make your thoughts so precious.There's a wides spectrum in current thinking about thoughts. It ranges from classical Freudianism - your thoughts are important products of your past, you should dig into your thoughts and resolve past issues that condition your current thinking.To cognitive behavioralism - you should challenge