How would medieval people react to a modern medieval movie?

They'd probably wonder when/where that was supposed to be.

And those who had actually trained with sword or mace would recognize that the actors hadn't. An hour or more of sword training every day is going to build up the sword arm quite a bit. And mace work even more so.

And a suit of plate armor was worth the entire yield of a Lord's lands for a year. Which was one of the reasons for the jousting tournaments. The loser of a joust was effectively the winner's prisoner and the man's family had to ransom him back. The ransom helped pay for a knight's armor.

Imho. They would laugh and laugh and laugh. Movies are notoriously off the mark even in portraying a life in contemporary foreign country or of events just few decades ago of which a huge wealth of documentation, photos and film left. Too many details and very finicky social details to get right of which many was not even recorded.

How to thank someone I'll never meet again

If you know how, you send a thank you note. That means a great deal to a lot of people. I've known people to keep thank you notes for decades because they treasured the thought that someone appreciated something they did.If that is not possible

Do you believe it's possible for MCU Thanos to die?

Thanks for the request. I hope I don't disappoint.I apologize in advance for the shoddiness of the answer. I try to be as punctual as possible.Short answer: Absolutely.Thanos is an eternal, a weird race of humans. Yes, that purple giant known as Thanos

What would become of religion if an intelligent race of aliens were to make physical contact with earth?

basically try to see the diffrence between dogmatic and nondogmatic religions. there is the key for you. most of the dogmatic religions are little dictatorships. most of them are found to biuld force only (behind the curtains). most of them have their origin in mesopotamia like the