How would the world be different today if the Holocaust had never happened?

As 1.5 million of the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust were children, some of them may have survived into the 21st century and have had children and grandchildren of their own. As aaliyah (immigration to Israel) was the goal of the global Jewish community, many European Jews would have immigrated both for economic reasons and to escape the Cold War.

The main legacy of the Holocaust for the world was the message of "never again", a principle to not stay silent in the face of genocide. In a world without a Holocaust, genocides around the world would have continued unnoticed and without being given the attention it needed. Mass killings in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia would have been viewed as a normal part of warfare. The campaign of genocide in Darfur by the Sudanese government would have gone unnoticed by the world.

As for the neo-Nazi movements, the memory of the Holocaust is generally the main reason these movements have little support, and in a world which did not experience a Holocaust, they would be viewed as part of the mainstream right-wing.

One of the unexpected consequences of Hitler's Holocaust is anti-semitism was driven underground.  Anti-semitism was a respectable stance among all classes prior to the war.  Henry Ford, for example, was open and virulent with his anti-semitism having bought a newspaper for the sole purpose of propagating his beliefs, something he could never get away with today.

Israel's birth as a nation is a direct result of war guilt, particularly in America, as influential Jews pushed Truman to support its creation.

It is the ultimate irony that Hitler did more than any other single man to create and make respectable modern Jewishness.

The world would be in many ways a better place, as it would enjoy the brilliant contributions of those millions brutally slain. Millions of Jews, intellectuals, homosexuals, gypsies, christian ministers, and so many others. They would not have died. Children would not have been murdered. The world would be brightened by their existence.

On the other hand, we wouldn't have the instinctual horror and aversion to genocide that we do today. Genocide and ethnic cleansing wouldn't be considered as anything special or distinct from the normal practice of war - which it was for centuries. The state of Israel may or may not exist (hard to say for sure) as it does today, and Jews would continue to experience low-mid level persecution throughout the world, and would have no truly safe place for them to live as themselves. This would be considered acceptable, as it had been for centuries. The Middle East would find something else to fight over.

  • Higher Jewish Population
  • No Laws in Germany that ban any pro nazi talk
  • Less "Reductio Ad Hitlerum" argumentation
  • None of some of the greatest works of literature like Night by Ellie Wiesel would have been written
  • Establishment of Israel delayed or never completed
  • Nazis possibly would have lasted longer or even won the war if they devoted 0 resources to killing jews and instead focused on the war
  • Instead, another genocide like the Armenian genocide would get more attention in the public discourse

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I think that European Jewry would be stable and thriving like it was before; nowadays it's almost dwindling to nothing with increasing anti-semitism.

I think that the European Union probably never would've happened - although that was WWII inspired.

Hmm... I don't want to say that the Holocaust inspired the state of Israel but it definitely solidified its right to exist.

OH! YIDDISH!! Yes, the language spoken by 85% of Jewish Holocaust victims was yiddish and now it is practically extinct.

Just a guess, but my impression is that prewar Jewish culture was a nourishing and productive part of the European economy and society. Hitler sent hundreds of thousands of people to the gas ovens, who would've been of great benefit to the region and it's people, had they just been left to their work. Hitler ddn't just kill people, he killed progress, for the years of his rule, and many thereafter.

The Israel's population'd be three or four times larger and Green movements would join the Arab states in the fight to destroy it. The persecutions of Roma'd make more headlines.
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