How would world history shape up had Rome surrendered after the battle of Cannae?

The carthagenian peace planned for Rome was to deconstruct her as hegemon in Italy and make the other city states clients of Carthage.

Rome would probably have challenged such a system a generation later and began a reconquest. The Roman system of conscription, the farmer soldier, the roman concept of warfare so different than the carthagenian one, the roman population and ability to replace losses and many other advantages was so overwhelming that Cartaghe had no chance of ever defeating Rome in the long run.

Hannibal was much like Japan in WW2, in its war agains the US, failing to undestand that the opponent had an existential view of warfare. A merchant state like Carthage could not compete with a pseudo-national state like Rome.

How to cope with loneliness as an expat

HelloI have lived in the Philippines since 2006. This has to be the friendliest country with a happy population.I have never felt lonely here because the Filipino people are social, they also want to include others who are by themselves.If I were to be lonely, then there are options to get to meet

What were your biggest challenges after moving to another country? Why did you move?

What were your biggest challenges after moving to another country?Learning the language. In fact, it is still a struggle for me. I was 56 years old when I moved to Mexico. I never, in all those 56 years, even tried to learn a language other than English. So, it has been

Do schizophrenics know that they have a mental health problem?

Yes or no both. If their cognitive behaviour becomes normal they usually know that they have or they have had this problem. But, if their cognitive behaviour is totally impaired they would not feel the abnormality going inside