How would you define skiing culture?

Without knowing the geographic location, I think its hard to say. The average socio-economic level can also impact the overall focus and activity.

There are also perhaps distinctions between cross-country skiers and downhill skiers. And there is certainly a distinction between skiing on the one hand and snowboarding on the other, although there may be overlap.

The Atlantic has a decent summary:

Skiing, as a singular amalgamation of goods and services connecting sport, tourism, and popular culture, proved exceptionally amenable to demonstrations of status. Even as the sport morphed from an elite practice to become a keystone of middle-class identity, it maintained its associations with opulence, making it the quintessence of that defining strain of postwar consumer culture: democratized luxury. As niche options proliferated, tourists consumed places alongside goods and services. The truly elite joined a cosmopolitan global jet set at resorts like Davos, where they were surrounded by their peers and nonpareil luxury options ranging from Michelin-rated restaurants to designer fashion houses; meanwhile, middle-class families packed up their cars for day trips in more humble locales. Each group found its devotion to skiing validated by the sport's saturation of popular culture, from the rise of televised skiing celebrities like Jean-Claude Killy to depictions of James Bond on skis outwitting villainous pursuers (Bond first skied in 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service, just as Jean-Claude Killy was at the height of his global stardom).

Source: How Skiing Went From the Alps to the Masses

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